QUICK DRY CHILLY CHICKEN


  1. 250 gms boneless chicken
  2. 2 tbl spn corn flour
  3. little salt
  4. red chilly powder
  5. black chilly powder
  6. two eggs
Step one:

Mix all the above ingredients, marinate chicken in to it, keep it in the refrigerator for one hour

Step two:

Deep fry the chicken pieces, place it on the paper napkin


  1. 1 tbl spn oil
  2. onion- 2 no.s
  3. capsicum- 2 no.s
  4. green chillies- as per taste
  5. chilly vinegar- 1 tbl spn
  6. soya sauce- 1 tbl spn
  7. tomato ketchup- 2- 3 tbl spn 
  8. black pepper- as per taste
  9. salt- little
Step three:
Put pan on the fire
add oil, add onion, green chillies & capsicum to it,stir fry
add soya sauce, black pepper, chilly vinegar, tomato ketchup and little salt 
mix well, 
add chicken pieces, mix all the things in the pan
and serve hot as starters
Tip: you can use various colors of capsicum ( red, yellow as well) and baby corn as well.
       and In place of  tomato sauce, tomato puree can be used and little sugar can be added.


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