Chettinaad, Tamilnadu

Chettinaad is an amazing tourist destination, I was in Maduria, Tamilnadu,in the month of December 2011, suddenly we planned to go to Chettinad, as we had heard a lot about Chettinad food and sarees, but the not aware of the best part, which we discovered,when we reached there, it was a great surprise fo r us,  we saw the wonderful Royal houses of the chettiyaar’s, actually it was not expected.One can reach there by local bus or taxi, as there is no airport and railway station, earlier there was a railway station, but currently its not working.

Chettinad is in Karaikuddi district. we Tamilnadu roadways bus from madurai bus stand till Karaikuddi and then another bus from there to Chettinaad, Chettinaad is on Trichy route.  it was around two and half hour journey from Madurai

Chettinaad is famous for its yummy food, one of them is Chettinaad chicken one can must try in Chettinaad.

the whole area of Royal houses and palace  was silent, less populated, we hired an auto rickshaw, actually it was not required, you can walk down the streets, see the old royal house, the palace, one of the Royal house has been converted to the heritage hotel, the Chettinaad Mansion, it was so good, worth-seeing. we met owner of the hotel as well, and took a tour to the whole Chettinad mansion, superb, we saw the traditional kitchen area as well, the big  stone grinders, it was nice experience.

we saw lots of other royal houses as well as from inside through the help of our auto rickshaw driver, he introduced us as a tourist and told them that we would like to see the house from inside, oh my God! I cant express, how I felt at that time, I was amazed to see the royalty, every thing was so special.

In every royal house there are verandas with the beautiful pillars.

we purchased hand loom sarees from there, we went to one house, where people are making sarees at home, all the sarees were so good , even cost wise, traditional chettinaad check sareees in all the colors.

In will never forget that place, as it was so different from other tourist desitnations, which I’ve never imagined

seriously I was in tears, when I saw that place, it is amazing, so rich, but it is just like a lonely planet.


Royal Palace, Chettinaad


special wood pillars in Royal house, Chettinaad


a Royal house in Chettinaad


Veranda of Royal house in Chettinaad


a view of Chettinaad Mansion inside


Hand Weaving Sarees in Chettinaad



Main hall of one of the Royal house in Chettinad


Street – Chettinaad


one of the Royal house


one of the Royal house


another Royal house


Royal house- Chettinaad


Main door of the house- Chettinaad


Chettinaad Mansion, a Royal house converted to heritage hotel


Chettinaad Mansion inside look- main hall


Entrace- Royal house- Chettinaad



  1. Kiyara · July 7, 2013

    Great Post, thanks for sharing about the Heritage of Chettinaad…i wish it doesnt perish away…

  2. Laxmi · November 4, 2015

    Hi. I will be travelling to Karaikudi and chettinad too. Can you help me out with shops for antiques and sarees there either in Karaikudi and Chettinad. Loved this blog with lovely pics….thanks

    • journeycolors · November 4, 2015

      You can ask local people in chettinad, or any autorickshaw driver

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