Tirumala ( Tirupati), Andhrapradesh

Tirumala is in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, it is 26 kms from Tirupati, Tirumala is a famous pilgrimage and famous for Sri Venkateswara temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

I’ve been to Tirumala in Dec’2009,  I traveled with my family by train from Delhi to Tirupati, and from there we reached Tirumala by taxi, Tirumala town is a hilly area, there are lots of hairpin bands on the way to Tirumala, road was smooth, for Tirumala first needs to cross the Police check post, where the luggage of the pilgrims can be checked through scanning machine.

Tirumala is also reachable by foot way.

other attractions of Tirumala are Akaasa Ganga( a natural water fall), Srivaari Paadamulu ( believed to be foot prints for Lord Venkateswara), and some other temples with a scenic beauty, Tirumala is  a beautiful hill station, I really like the scenic beauty of Tirumala, I was not expecting that, as I’ve seen the other  pilgrimages, they are crowded, and not neat and clean, Tirumala is neat and clean place, not much crowded

you must carry your light woolens, as evenings are cold, I really like the small- small tea stalls, they were serving fantastic tea, milk with bournvita, horlicks, complan whatever you like, cakes  and cookies are also there, food was tasty, hygienic, simple traditional food at most of the places, it was reasonable too.

we stayed there at latur bhawan, stay is very cheap in Tirumala, you will get good accommodation at good rates, I also liked the market place, you can buy souvenirs and other local products from there.


temple at Akaasa Ganga, Tirumala


Srivaari Paaamulu, Tirumala




Police Check Post, for Tirumala from Tirupati


Market in Tirumala

CIMG0124 CIMG0132 CIMG0133


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