Trip to Udvada, Gujrat

Trip to Udvada was unforgettable, I really wanted to see the old Paris house’s n there culture, my wish come true, when I visited Daman, one of union territory of India, udvada is just half n hours travel from Daman, its a pilgrimage for Zoristrians, they came here to visit at  Iran shah Atash Behram fire temple, temple is Beautiful from outside, I’ve not entered the temple, as non Zoroastrians are not allowed to enter the temple, around temple compound there are beautiful traditional houses, we entered one of them, some of them sell sandal wood sticks,

If you are a Paris food lover, don’t miss that, you can ask anyone, they ll guide you to the place in that area, outside the temple, there are ladies selling lemon, lemon grass, peppermint, must buy and make special Paris tea, we visited Zoroastrians information centre as well, nice place, at the end, as I am a food lover, purchased lots of cookies from Irani bakery, it is one of the major attraction of Udvada, there are so many Irani bakeries, selling freshly baked cookies and breads, it was a wonderful experience, like a sweet dream. Wow! A great experience. Udvada such a lovely coastal town, one more interesting thing, when we asked for Pepsi, that shopkeeper said, that we ll get only sunta, cold drink in so many flavours.            It was a small trip of two hours, from Daman. We hired an auto from Daman to and fro at Rs 550 only. So this was my small trip to Udvada, oh my God I am writing so many times Udvada Udv.. ud…. So pls don’t miss it, u’ ll really like!

Udvada is just three hours journey from Mumbai.

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